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Linda Ramone

Linda Marie Daniele was born July 24, 1960 in New York.
(Says Wiki, some sites spell Danielle, I’m not sure.)
She’s better known as Linda Ramone, through her marriage
with Johnny Ramone, whose real name was John Cummings.
So officially she’s called Linda Cummings.

Linda and Johnny.

Joey and Linda.
Before Johnny, Linda had been with Joey.

Joey, Linda and Johnny

Linda and the Ramones

Joey wrote the song The KKK Took My Baby Away, which seems
to reflect the anger Joey felt when Linda left him for Johnny.
Although Joey’s brother Mickey Leigh denies that.
Linda says in a Billboard interview with Nicky Gostin:
They were friendly-ish. Joey always really wanted to have a hit single
and Johnny didn’t really care and of course when I left Joey, yeah …

Joey was a liberal Jew and Johnny very conservative of Irish origin.
When Joey was in the hospital dying of cancer,
Johnny refused to telephone him.

Tommy and Linda at the presentation of Johnny’s autobiography called Commando.
Today with Tommy died the last original Ramone.

Linda and Johnny’s statue at the Hollywood Forever Cemetry.

Since 2009 Linda is with The Olms’JD King.

Hardfloor – Groupie Love

Hardfloor are a producer duo from Germany:
Oliver Bondzio (left) and Ramon Zenker (right).
The song is on the album: Four Out Of Five Aliens Recommend This (2005)

Lick and a Promise – Diary of a Rock Star Groupie


He looked around, then back to us, and unzipped his Levis.
I looked at her and she at me and I said, “What’s this dude?”
“Well,” he sneered, “in the music biz, we call it the meet
and greet but in our language it’s called greet the meat.”
He was an older dude and up until now I had only seen
teenage cock and to be honest, I was curious as to what
an “ol’ man’s” penis looked like. His jeans unzipped and
he whipped out this monster of a cock that was surrounded
by a forest of thick black hair. It was already hard and
he shook it a little and said, “Well, do you want to meet
the band or not?”

So far so good. But then for the first time she gives
someone a blow job … the old roadie … and he thinks
it’s the best blow job ever. The story goes on:

The crowd out front cheering as though they had been
our audience. “My God love! Who taught you to suck
a cock like that?” I stood up and wiped my mouth as
I swallowed the last bit of his roadie love juice.

So if you’re in to erotic novels, there’s a 251 pages one
*For Mature Audiences Only* named:
Lick and a Promise – Diary of a Rock Star Groupie
by Veronica Moreau, the pen name of Lisa V. Proulx.


Interview with Sallie’s Book Reviews

Lisa nowadays with a Kiss tribute band.


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