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Erin Budina -Groupie

Erin Budina was born somewhere in Wales on July 25, 1993.

The groupie this time is a man

Fuck him then he buy me Gucci
Take me harrods buy me jewellery
Fuck me like I’m in a movie
Pull up now your man a groupie hey

Barbara Cope, The Butter Queen died

Barbara Cope died in a fire at her home in Dallas of January 14, 2018.
She was 67. Her 93-year-old mother was injured in the blaze

Some new facts not in my 2013 post
Led Zeppelin dedicated Dazed and Confused performed at Fort Worth in 1973 to The Butter Queen.

Barbara was on the Oprah Winfrey Show in 1987

Barbara and Joe Cocker

On the cover of Buddy with Graeme Edge of the Moody Blues (Courtesy Kirby Warnock)

Turf Talk – The Groupie Song

Turf Talk was born Demar Bernstine in Vallejo, California.
Cousin of Bay Area pioneer and legend E-40.

The Groupie Song is the closing song on West Coast Vaccine (The Cure) 2007.

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