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Maureen and Shirley Wilson

Maureen Wilson was born in Calcutta, India on November 20th, 1948.
But soon moved to England were her father became the owner
of a steel factory in Birmingham.

Maureen met Robert Plant at a Georgie Fame concert in 1966, which
was cancelled at the last-minute. Plant was in those days singer
in the band Listen. In 1967 he was the Band of Joy’s singer.
Together with Maureen, Plant was in the audience at a gig
at Dudley Zoo to see the Answer perform, when Plant was asked
to replace their singer Tommy Burton.They changed the name Answer
into Obs-Tweedle (this all before the Yardbirds and Led Zeppelin).

They got married in 1968.

Robert Plant and Maureen Wilson in Hawaii 1969.

It is said that Robert wrote this song for Maureen.
On Greek island Rhodes in 1975, Maureen driving the mini,
they had a serious car accident.
In the car behind them were Maureen’s sister Shirley and Charlotte Martin.

With their children Karac and Carmen.
Karac died at the age of six.
Another son Logan was born in 1979.
Robert and Maureen divorced in 1982.
Maureen dated Ian Hatton, guitarist in Bonham around 1991
(Jason Bonham, son of Led Zeppelin drummer John).

After his divorce, Plant was with Maureen’s sister Shirley.

They had a son named Jess in 1991.
Soon after he left her for the Canadian singer Alannah Myles.

Annette Walter-Lax

Annette Walter-Lax was a model from Sweden born May 10th, 1955.

Annette’s modeling career ended just like Kim Kerrigan‘s did
when Annette replaced Kim as Keith Moon’s girlfriend.
Keith said them to stop.

Annette Walter-Lax, Keith Moon and Lori Maddox.

Typical Keith Moon humor, pretending to strangle the kitten.
But according to Tony Fletcher, on September 7th, 1978 Keith had killed himself taking too much pills. The night before Keith and Annette had been with Paul and Linda McCartney at a preview of the film, The Buddy Holly Story. His last words would have been: “If you don’t like it, you can fuck off!” After he asked her to cook steak and eggs.
More pictures at brush-away.

In 1980 Annette married Gareth Hunt (died 2007) who played Mike Gambit in
The New Avengers. She now lives in Stockholm, Sweden.

Samir og Viktor – Groupie

Swedish Viktor Frisk, a fashion blogger and Samir Badran (born in Gaza)
from the reality show Paradise Hotel.
The song Groupie was a bid to represent Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest
in Vienna 2015, which was eventually won by Swedish Måns Zelmerlöw.


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