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Judy Wong

Judy Wong 1968.

Photo Baron Wolman 1968.

Judy became the secretary for Fleetwood Mac
and was the one who introduced them to Bob Welch.
Two pictures with Stevie Nicks.


The song Jewel Eyed Judy was probably about her.
I just wondered if
Your eyes still shine
As they did
When you were mine.

With Jethro Tull.
Photo Herb Green.

glenn-cornick-judy-wong- wedding-parents
In 1970 Judy married Jethro Tull’s bassist Glenn Cornick.

They divorced a couple of years later.

Judy Wong died in 2005.
Judy’s cousin, Candy Jung stated after her death:
When Judy lived in San Francisco, her roommates were the twins,
Jenny and Patti Boyd, one of whom married George Harrison and then Eric Clapton.
Judy befriended Eric Burdon, Paul McCartney and the Kinks.

Miss Harlow


Miss Harlow was one of the original Plaster Casters. The name was supposedly given by Tiny Tim, who called everyone “Miss”.
Photos Baron Wolman.

Miss Harlow in the make-up room before performing with The Cockettes.
Photos Robert Altman.

With The Cockettes, Harlow was in the film Elevator Girls In Bondage.

And in the documentary Groupies 1970.

Trixie Merkin

Trixie Merkin (not her real name, a merkin is a pubic wig).
Trixie dropped out of Stanford and joined the Anonymous Artists of America.
“They terrorize the countryside. Riding from town to town, painting the center line
on all the highways in America red.”
Trixie posed topless to further a myth perpetuated by Blood Sweat and Tears founder
Al Kooper that she played topless in the band.
Baron Wolman photography.

Trixie stayed in the music business. Base player in the bands
Monkey Siren and Mister Sister.


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