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Iris Caldwell

Iris Caldwell was born in Liverpool in 1945. At the age of 12 she was
George Harrison’s (14) girlfriend. They met at the ice rink.
George was trying to get in the band of her brother Allan,
who called himself Rory Storm.

The band’s name was Rory Storm and the Hurricanes and Richard Starkey (Ringo)
was their drummer. Mother Caldwell (Vi) thought George was too young.
Mother and son were both found dead in 1972 haven taken alcohol and pills,
not long after father Ernie Caldwell died.

Iris, George, John, Pete and Rory.

Iris second to the left.
Iris on the left. The Beatles, or whatever groups had been on in The Cavern,
they all used to go to the Caldwell house. It was called Stormsville.
Paul McCartney saw Iris as a can-can dancer in the Tower Ballroom in Liverpool
and couldn’t keep his eyes off her. It was 1961 and Iris was … just seventeen.

They dated till Paul met Jane Asher.

Iris Caldwell and Shane Fenton (real name Bernard Jewry).
Shane Fenton and the Fentones’ singer Johnny Theakston had died at age of 17.
Bernard Jewry, one of the roadies became the next Shane Fenton.
He also saw Iris dancing at Tower Ballroom, fell in love,
married and had two children, Shaun and Adam.
In the seventies Fenton/Jewry had a new career as Alvin Stardust.

Who was Freda Kelly’s Moody Blue?

For 11 years Freda Kelly was the secretary of the Beatles and ran their fan club.

In the documentary Good Ol’ Freda, she says that she never had a relation with one of the Beatles.

Ringo (Ritchie as she calls him) and Freda and Maureen Cox.
George and Freda.
Paul and Freda.
John and Freda.
With Harry and Louise Harrison.
With Harry Graves and Elsie Starkey.

Freda was close with George and Ringo’s parents and collected parts of old
shirts the Beatles wore and send them to fans.

John Lennon almost got her fired because Freda was dating one of the Moody Blues
and spent too much time in the Moody’s dressing room on a shared gig.

But who was it?

Was it Denny Laine?

Next to whom Freda sits here at the NYC Fest for Beatles fans at the Grand Hyatt
in Manhattan on Saturday, February 8, 2014.

La Groupie (Letra)

De La Ghetto was born as Rafael Castillo in New York, U.S
on September 17, 1982. But he was brought up by his mother
in San Juan, Puerto Rico. She told him his Dominican father
got murdered.

Nicky Jam was born as Nick Rivera Caminero in Boston MA
on February 25, 1980. His mother is Dominican and his
father Puerto Rican. They moved to Puerto Rico when he was six.

Lui-G 21 Plus was born as Hiram David Santos Rojas
in San Juan Puerto Rico, April 27, 1977.
At the age of 20 he moved to Lynn MA.

Ñengo Flow was born as Edwin Laureano Rosa Vazquez Ortiz
in San Juan Puerto Rico, October 15, 1981.

Ñejo was born as Carlos Crespo in Ponce Puerto Rico, June 20, 1985.


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