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Cynthia Plaster Caster

March 5, 2008

Cynthia Albritton (1947 Chicago)

In 1966 she was an art class student
and had an assignment to make a plaster cast
of something solid. She and one of her aspiring
groupie friends knew what they had to do next.

They came in contact with Paul Revere and the Raiders.
And Cynthia lost her virginity to singer Mark Lindsay.

A film documentary was made by Jessica Everleth.

The trailer:

The most prominent cast: Jimi Hendrix ($ 1500)

See more on her website

Cynthia does tits as well.
The video where L7’s Suzie Gardner gets the casting treatment:

L7 had a male groupie, 32 year-old Pleather (plastic leather)
according to Pamela Des Barres. He was with Courtney Love aswell.

Beside in the Kiss song (see this post),
plaster caster showed up in the Jim Croce song Five Short Minutes.

Well, like a fool in a hurry, I took her to my room
She casted me in plaster while I sang her a tune
Then I said, ooh wee, sure was a tragic tale
Because five short minutes of lovin’
Done brought me twenty long years in jail

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