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Bebe Buell and Mick Jagger and…

April 6, 2008


Bebe in a Mick Jagger-shirt


Bebe and Mick Jagger


Bebe and Elvis Costello


Bebe and John Waite


Bebe and Robert Plant Jimmy Page


Bebe and Joey Ramone

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  1. I think I love your blog!

  2. ivorpimplybum permalink

    Why does everyone keep insisting that the Penny Lane character in Almost Famous is based on Bebe Buell? It is just not true. Just goes to show, repeat something often enough and people start to believe it. There really was a Penny, her name is Pennie Trumble and she was known as Pennie Lane. Here is her website:

    Cameron Crowe admits it was Pennie he based the character on. This from IMBD: “Cameron Crowe has stated the character of Penny Lane is based on his friend in real life, Pennie Trumble, who actually does go by the name of “Pennie Lane”. She now lives in Portland, Oregon, and is involved in the music industry.”

    The Russell Hammond character was really Glen Frey of the Eagles. I don’t think Bebe shagged him, but who knows: she did everyone else. She was regarded as somewhat of a joke during those days. BTW that is Jimmy Page not Robert Plant in the photo (Robert is partly obscured on the extreme right) Bebe put the moves on Jimmy (until he tired of her) and that’s when he dumped Lori Lightening.

  3. The Penny Lane character in Almost Famous is based on three women whom Cameron Crowe has spoken of respectfully in interviews. They are Bebe Buell, Pennie Trumble and Geraldine Edwards. Bebe Buell was an inspiration for some of the dialog in the film, and was the originator of the “band-aid” comment. She was friendly with Cameron Crowe. Pennie Trumble was a groupie who dated Cameron Crowe in the seventies, prior to his marriage to Nancy Wilson. And he met Geraldine Edwards in San Diego, California and hung out with her backstage at concerts. Crowe was from San Diego. He originally met her in the seventies at Clairemont High School where he was visiting mutual friends when he discovered she was going backstage to rock concerts. She was also a partial inspiration for Linda Barrett aka “The Bikini Body” played by Phoebe Cates in Fast Times at Ridgemont High as he did his undercover Ridgemont High research at Clairemont High School. On a humorous note, Pennie Trumble was not known as Penny Lane in the seventies, as noted by Goldie McJohn, the keyboard player for Steppenwolf , and romantic partner of Pennie Trumble. According to him, she was simply known by her actual name, Pennie Trumble. When Almost Famous was released, she started making this statement. Her contemporaries and dates from the seventies, however, remember her as introducing herself to others as Pennie Trumble not Penny Lane. Pennie Trumble was born and raised in Portland, Oregon, and that is where the majority of her groupie adventures took place. She never lived in San Diego or even visited San Diego in the seventies. She did go on the road with bands quite often. The Russell Hammond character is a combination of several musicians that Crowe had met in the seventies, and is not based on one particular person. In my opinion, Bebe Buell is a lively and beautiful woman to this day. And her daughter, Liv Tyler, is stunning. In my book Buell gets my vote for the best looking grandmother in America.

  4. That’s not Robert Plant. It’s Jimmy Page.

  5. In the Jimmy Page pic, that’s Jagger with his back to the camera.

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