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The Jean Genie

August 26, 2008

David Bowie and the Spiders from Mars perform the Jean Genie

The song was recorded in New York October 6 1972.
The video was recorded in 1973 by Mick Rock.
The girl in the clip is Cyrinda Foxe, with whom
Bowie was hanging out with at that time.

He met her at a New York Dolls concert in the Mercer Arts Center.

Billy Murcia sitting on the left. 1972.
David and Angie Bowie hooked up with Cyrinda Foxe
and Dolls drummer Billy Murcia.

Angie and Cyrinda

Billy Murcia was born January 1 1951 in Bogota
and died November 6 1972 on tour in England.
Choked on coffee after an overdose of Mandrax.
November 24 The Jean Genie single was released.

Ps. Listen to the similar riff in Blockbuster by The Sweet.
Recorded November 1 1972

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  1. Hi. It’s not Billy Murcia in that New York Dolls picture, but later drummer Jerry Nolan, who Cyrinda also had a thing with, according to Who Dated Who, and who joined after Billy’s death in 1972. Billy had curly hair (like Syl Sylvain ). Please correct this if possible. Thank you.

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