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Paula Yates and Peaches Geldof

December 14, 2008


British TV-host.
Channel 4 pop music program The Tube.
Interviewing Eric Clapton (Chinese YOUKU).


On the bed interviews in The Big Breakfast (Chanel4)
The most famous is of course the one
with INXS singer Michael Hutchence.


She had three daughters with Bob Geldof.
Peaches, Pixie and Fifi.


And one with Michael Hutchence, Tiger Lily.


Now Bob Geldof has custody of all four children since
Michael Hutchence died November 1997 and
Paula Yates died September 2000.
Both under so called suspect circumstances.


Daughter Peaches was like her mother a TV presenter.
And dating (The Towers of London’s Donny Tourette)
and marrying musicians

Chester French’ Max Drummey

S.C.U.M’s Thomas Cohen.

Peaches Geldof last year
Peaches died aged 25 in Wrotham April 7, 2014
like her mom under suspect circumstances.

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