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Kathy Etchingham and Jimi Hendrix

December 21, 2008

Jimi Hendrix came up with the name “Band Aids” for groupies.
He had so many, sometimes several at a time.
“He wouldn’t even recognize them next night.”
Kathy Etchingham told Curtis Knight, the Hendrix biographer.


Although Jimi was always drunk and stoned and violent,
she stayed with him. Even after marrying someone else,
she kept seeing him. “The last time I saw Jimi was the day
of the night he died. It was in Kensington Market.
He was with that blonde chick…


Monika Dannemann


In an interview September 16, 2010 with Liz Hoggard in the Evening Standard,
brought under the title ‘I was Jimi Hendrix’s Yoko Ono’, the then 63 years old
Kathy says that she was 20 when she met Jimi Hendrix in the Scotch of St James’s nightclub. And gave up her job as a hairdresser.

Hendrix wrote The Wind Cries Mary (her middle name is Mary), after she hit him with a frying pan. And Hendrix wasn’t faithful. But he was terribly jealous if she got any male attention. After all, her lovers had included Georgie Fame, Brian Jones and Keith Moon.

Through Gypsy Eyes is Kathy Etchingham’s autobiography about her years with Jimi Hendrix.

Curtis Knight’s biography might not have been very accurate, but nowadays is a collector’s item.

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  1. experienceadvertising permalink

    I hate hearing about when he died. Nice blog though…keep up the good work! Evan

  2. This was in that Curtis Knight book that he admitted was untrue 15 years ago because he never interviewed Kathy Etchingham. He never even met Kathy Etchingham and made up the interview to make Jimi look bad. He had to stop publication of that book and apologize to Kathy Etchingham.

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