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Monika Dannemann and Jimi Hendrix

December 28, 2008


Monika Dannemann was a German figure skater and painter.
She spent the night with Jimi Hendrix in the Samarkand Hotel London,
where he was found dead on the morning of September 18, 1970.

She was accused by Kathy Etchingham for playing a role in Jimi’s death.
Later she became the girlfriend of Hendrix’ adept Uli Jon Roth.


He replaced Michael Schenker in the Scorpions.
And she designed the cover of Roth’s next band
Electric Sun album called Earthquake.


They both worked on the book “The Inner World of Jimi Hendrix”.


In 1996 Monika Dannemann was convicted not to repeat
that Kathy Etchingham was a liar.
Two days later Monika Dannemann was found dead
in a fume-filled Mercedes-Benz.

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  1. experienceadvertising permalink

    Im not sure what the real story is with her. I tend to think she didn’t do anything when he was dying…

  2. g2-22a08306c7c9466c4d52043c53e209a1 permalink

    Her story changed a lot many people don’t believe she was even there, I’m not convinced she had something to do with his death though she may have found him and been the person who called the ambulance as it was her flat he was found in.

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