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Bobby Nunn – She’s Just A Groupie

March 1, 2009


Not to be confused with the singer with the 50’s
and 60’s vocal groups the Robins and the Coasters.


The younger Bobby Nunn started playing
synthesizer with Rick James in the 70’s

His greatest hit was: She’s Just A Groupie

A single and also on the album: Second to Nunn


The lyrics:

She’s very pretty
And she sits behind her desk from 9 to 5
But when the night comes
She lets her hair down and she really comes alive
We go to concerts
And she screams and shouts and jumps right out her seat
She says that Michael is the only one who makes her body weak


She pulls her hair out
She’ll do anything if Prince would take her home


She says that Stevie is her man
and that she can’t leave him alone


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