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Erin Everly and Axl Rose

January 3, 2010



It’s So Easy

… I see you standin’ there
You think you’re so cool
Why don’t you just
Fuck off …

Guns N’ Roses in their first years were
a bunch of L.A. junkies who saw
no problem in ransacking a girl’s handbag
while she was in bed with one of the guys.

The video features (in S&M gear) Erin Everly,
daughter of Don Everly, who got married to
Axl Rose in 1990.
She also appeared in the Sweet Child o’ Mine
video. A song specially written for her.

The marriage ended in 1991, but their relation
inspired Guns N’ Roses road manager Del James
to a short story ‘Without You’ .
The video’s November Rain, Don’t Cry and Estranged
are based on that short story.
Axl’s girlfriend at that time, Stephanie Seymour,
played the bride, but didn’t appear in Estranged
anymore, because that relation had ended too.


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