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Suki Potier

July 4, 2010

Model Suki Potier in Ossie Clark’s “Red Rooster” dress (1967)

She wasn’t very lucky in the choice of her men.
Guinness heir Tara Browne died in a car crash were Suki was uninjured (1966).
Rolling Stone Brian Jones died in his swimming pool (1969).
Suki and her husband Robert Ho died in a car accident in Portugal in 1981

Suki Potier and Brian Jones

Tom Keylock, Brian Jones, Joan Fitzsimmons,
Suki Potier, attorney going to the cannabis trial (1968).

Keith Richards, Suki Potier, Brian Jones,
Mick Jagger after the cannabis trial.

Brian Jones’ parents, sister Barbara, Suki Potier,
Tom Keylock at Brian’s funeral (July 10, 1969)

Suki Potier was “girl at a party” in the film Wonderwall (1968).
Professor Collins drills holes in the wall
to see the model Penny Lane (Jane Birkin).
YouTube video’s: trailerthree scenes

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