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Jenny Boyd

September 19, 2010

Jenny Boyd

Colin, Nanny, Paula, Jenny and Pattie Boyd in Kenya.

Like her sister Pattie, Jenny took up modeling.

In “The Fool” (Simon and Marijke) clothes.

In 1965 Jenny met Mick Fleetwood, drummer in “The Cheynes” those days.
Later in “Shotgun Express” (with Rod Stewart), “John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers”,
and of course in “Fleetwood Mac”.

They married and divorced twice, and have two daughters: Amy Rose and Lucy.

In 1968 Jenny went with The Beatles and Donovan to India.

Donovan fell in Love with Jenny.

And wrote Jennifer Juniper for her.

In 1978 Jenny meets another drummer: Ian Wallace (King Crimson).
They marry in 1984.
Ian died in February 2007.

Jenny Boyd nowadays.
She also has a book out: Musicians in Tune.

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  1. Update:
    January, 3rd 2012 former Fleetwood Mac guitarist Bob Weston died. In 1973 Weston was kicked out of the band, because Mick Fleetwood found out that Bob was having an affair with Jenny Boyd.
    source: Bob Brunning – Fleetwood Mac: Behind The Masks

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