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Paula Boyd

October 10, 2010

Paula Boyd.

Paula was the youngest of the Boyd sisters.

In 1965, to the left, at Pattie’s wedding.

She wasn’t as handsome as her sisters,
but appeared with them in Vogue in 1970.

Just 16 years-old, she followed her sister Patty and the Beatles
to Greece in 1967, where the Beatles were trying to buy
the guitar shaped Trinity Island.

At seventeen she started go out with the 30 years-old
Rodney Bewes, one of The Likely Lads.

Through George Harrison, Paula had met Eric Clapton,
With Eric she had a short relation as a stand-in for Pattie.

There was somebody else in Derek and the Dominos,
Paula was interested in: Bobby Whitlock.
But she was developing a heavy drugs addiction.

One of the last pictures of her I could find.
Paula with her family in 1994.
She died in November 2008.

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One Comment
  1. So sad, something else to blame Eric Clapton for. He was heavy into drugs when they lived together and she was but a mere child. He has to feel some responsibility for her life involved with drugs.

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