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Jo Jo Laine

November 21, 2010

Jo Jo Laine (born Joanne LaPatrie, Boston, 1952)
was a notorious groupie about who Ginger Baker (Cream)
was quoted as saying: “No sane man would go near her.”
She lost her virginity to Jimi Hendrix, and counted
Jim Morrison (Doors) and Rod Stewart among her many lovers.

She was briefly married to former Moody Blues Denny Laine
(real name Brian Hines) in his seventies Wings period.
Linda McCartney wasn’t very happy with that, because
she feared Jo Jo might steal Paul away.
Denny and Jo Jo had two children: Heidi and Laine Hines.
The marriage ended in 1980 after Denny had an affair
with Jo Jo’s best friend.

Followed Black Sabbath guitarist Randy Rhoads.
Six months later killed in a plain crash (1982).
By then Jo Jo had become drug addict and binge drinker.

She had another child (Boston) with builder Peter O’Donohue.

In 1991 she met Alexander Thynn, the Marquess of Bath
and became one of his “wifelets”.

Jo Jo in 2005.

She died in a London hospital October 29, 2006 after falling down the stairs.

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