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Catherine James

December 19, 2010

Catherine James (15)

Catherine James at the age of six with her mother. (1956)

The father, an alcoholic race driver, who later became a transsexual.
Catherine was sent to an orphanage at the age of 12.

Pamela Des Barres reads from Catherine James’ book “Dandelion”
how 13 years-old Catherine meets Bob Dylan (22).

At the age of 14 she does a screen test for Andy Warhol.

Only 16 years-old she has a son Damian
with Moody Blues guitarist Denny Laine.

Pamela’s husband Michael Des Barres reading
from “Dandelion” about Mick Jagger.

Ron Zimmerman reading from “Dandelion”
about Jimi Hendrix.

No pictures available of Catherine and:
Jimmy Page, Ron Wood, Eric Clapton,
and Jackson Browne (Whosdatedwho)

Stand-in for Diane Keaton.

In 2007 with Damian and grandson John.

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  1. She was with Jackson Browne right? Could you include a post on any of the women who were lucky enough to have gotten together with him?There must have been quite a few of them I’m sure but Catherine James is the only one I know about—-

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