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Maggie McGivern

January 1, 2011

Maggie McGivern was the nanny of John Dunbar and
Marianne Faithful’s son Nickolas and 20 years-old
when she met the 23 years-old Paul McCartney,
who was a good friend of John Dunbar, who started
the Indica Gallery together with Peter Asher and Barry Miles.
Paul’s girlfriend was Peter’s sister Jane Asher.
Maggie and Paul started a more or less secret affair in 1966

After some photographs of their Sardinia vacation in 1968
were published, the relationship came out in the open
and didn’t last much longer. One day she called him,
and Linda Eastman was answering the phone …

She would meet Paul again when she was with Moody Blues founder
Denny Laine who joined Wings in 1971

Later in the seventies she married Mel Collins.
Saxophone player in King Crimson, Camel,
Caravan. They have a daughter Naiama.

Maggie later, blond and rollerblade instructor.

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  1. Jean Emil Grebniz permalink

    A really interesting article and a great topic for a blog. Happy new year!

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