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DeeDee Keel

January 17, 2011

DeeDee Keel is most famous for having had entire bands.

The first band was the Hollies.

The second: Mötley Crüe.
And Ratt except one.

And for saying that she could get only
a quart of David Cassidy’s penis in her mouth.

According to Pamela Des Barres there were also:
Ron Keel, Cozy Powell, Jeff Beck, Van Halen and many others.

She’s got six children: Amy, Marlon, Jeff, Erich, Ryan and Kelly.

To be found on Facebook and Twitter.

Happy Birthday Pamela DesBarres!Fri Sep 10 03:27:22 via web

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  1. In Friends season 10 episode 6 is suggested Phoebe had the entire Jethro Tull band

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