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Dot Rhone

January 30, 2011

Dorothy Rhone was dancing in the Casbah in Liverpool,
(owned by Mona Best, Pete Best’s mother),
when she met two members of The Quarrymen,
who playing there that summer of 1959.
John Lennon and Paul McCartney.
Dorothy, or Dot as the called her, fell for John.
But after finding out that John was already
with Cynthia Powell, she started dating Paul.
John and Paul both wanted to look their girlfriends
as Brigitte Bardot, so they had to dye their hair.
In 1960, she 16 years-old (and Paul 17)
got pregnant. But she had a miscarriage.

Paul said that the song PS. I Love You, was for her.

The relationship ended in the Summer of 1962
when The Beatles were gaining fame after
their visits to Hamburg. Dot had become friends with
Cynthia and the German photographer Astrid Kirchherr,
Stu Suttcliffe’s girlfriend.

Stu Sutcliffe and Astrid Kirchherr

In 1964 Dot emigrated to Canada. Married Werner Becker.
They have three daughters, the oldest named Astrid.

Dot Rhone now.

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