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Jane Asher

February 20, 2011

Jane Asher was a child actress in the 1952 film Mandy.

1955 in The Quartermass Xperiment

In 1963, Asher interviewed The Beatles.
Resulting in a five-year relationship with Paul McCartney.

She is the sister of Peter Asher, one half of the duo Peter & Gordon.
Lennon and McCartney wrote “A World Without Love” for them.
Paul had flute lessons from Jane’s mother Margaret.

She appeared in numerous film and television episodes,
but the most famous is in Alfie with Michael Caine.

Jane accompanied The Beatles to India in February and March 1968.

In July 1968 Jane ended the engagement with Paul
after she found him in bed with Francie Schwartz.

Nowadays she is married to Gerald Scarfe,
has several books on her name and is into cakes.

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