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Anita Cochrane and Erika Hubers

April 3, 2011

Several girls having slept with Paul McCartney,
claimed that he was the father of their child.

Anita Cochrane and her son Philip.

Anita, was sixteen when she got pregnant.
Paul denied everything, Anita was payed 5000 pound
by Brian Epstein, and had to sign a contract, agreeing
to take no further actions.


Bettina Hubers

German Erika Hubers always told her in December 1962
born daughter Bettina that Paul Mccartney was her father.
In 1983 Erika and Bettina went to court.
A blood test proved that Paul was not the father.
The Hubers then stated that Paul had sent
a stand-in to the blood test.

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