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Linda Eastman

June 5, 2011

Photographer Linda Eastman, not related to the Kodak Eastman,
single mother of Heather, worked for the Town & Country magazine.

In 1966 Linda got the chance to take pictures of the Rolling Stones
aboard of the SS Sea Panther in New York.
The start of a career in photographing rock stars.
And dating rock stars. Mick Jagger asked her to join him
to a party given by photographer Jerry Schatzberg
in honour of Baby Jane Holzer (a Jagger ex-flame).

She was later asked to be the house photographer at the
Fillmore East concert hall, and worked for Rolling Stone magazine.
Linda is said to have had many amorous relationships with the musicians
she photographed. Most notorious, was her relationship with Jimi Hendrix.

Linda photographed Eric Clapton for the Rolling Stone magazine cover,
but also landed on the cover with Paul McCartney.
In 1969 they married because she was pregnant of her daughter Mary.
Paul adopted her daughter Heather. They had another daughter: Stella.
And a son: James.

Paul taught Linda to play keyboards.
They worked together on Paul’s first solo album: Ram.
She was a member of Paul’s next band: Wings.

The McCartney’s became outspoken vegetarians.
Linda has several cookbooks on her name, and a
product line of frozen vegetarian meals: Linda McCartney Foods.
They agreed to “appear” on the Simpsons
only if the writers agreed to keep Lisa vegetarian.

Linda McCartney died, after battling breast cancer in 1998, aged 56.

A biography by Danny Fields is also online

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