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Chris O’Dell

July 9, 2011

American Chris O’Dell met Apple Records Derek Taylor in L.A.
and went with him to work for the company in London in 1968.

She became good friends with George and Patty.

George wrote this song about Chris.

But she slept only with one Beatle, Ringo.

An affair with Leon Russell led to the song Pisces Apple Lady.

In 1972 she started working for the Rolling Stones.
Keith Richards said that she could take drugs like a man.

And of course ended in bed with Mick Jagger.

Chris O’Dell is the “woman down the hall”
in the Joni Mitchell song Coyote, about a
love triangle with Sam Sheppard.

In 1975/76 she worked with Bob Dylan
on his Rolling Thunder Revue Tour,
and had an affair with him.

She continued working as a tour manager for:
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young; Fleetwood Mac,
Earth, Wind and Fire, Queen, Linda Ronstadt,
Santana, Phil Collins, ELO, Echo and the Bunnymen.

Chris wrote a book about her life:
My Hard Days and Long Nights with The Beatles,
The Stones, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, and the Women They Loved.

She has been married, has a son, divorced,
married again, and has a private practice
as a hypnotherapist in Tuscon.

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  1. hypnotherapist? to quote cleveland about farmers “is that still a job?

  2. Johannes Bols permalink

    Kiss and Tell Miss O’Dell. How necessary was it to include the notches on your rock star belt in this book??

  3. KATHY HAY permalink

    Back in my day, we called her a slut….

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