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Yoko Ono

August 30, 2011

Yoko Ono was born in Tokio, 1933.

After the second world war she moved to Scarsdale (N.Y.)
Married and divorced twice, a suicide attempt.

Had a daughter named Kyoko. Moved to Manhattan
and started performances in her Tribeca apartment
(setting things on fire).

An other performance was Cut Piece,
where people were asked to come on stage to cut
pieces from her clothing (video 1965)

John Lennon visited a preview of an exhibition of Ono’s
at the Indica Gallery in London in 1966
According to Pamela Des Barres in an interview with Gary James,
“Yoko Ono was a groupie. She waited outside John Lennon’s gate for weeks
before he finally went to one of her art shows.”

They worked together on Revolution 9
on the White Album in 1968.

Yoko and John married in 1969 in Gibraltar.
Around the marriage they organized a publicity
campaign to promote world peace.
From Paris to the Amsterdam Hilton.
Where to first Bed-in took place.
A trip to Vienna.
Caught the early plane back to London.
Second Bed-in Montreal.

Although George and Ringo are to be seen
on the video, the song was recorded
without George and Ringo. The beginning
of the end of the Beatles.

The next project of John and Yoko
was The Plastic Ono Band, with
Eric Clapton, Klaus Voorman and Alan White.

Their son Sean, born in 1975

After John’s death in 1980,
Yoko dedicated her life to John’s memorial
but also continued her art activities.

Faking orgasm in MoMA New York 2010.

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