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May Pang and John Lennon

September 11, 2011

May Fung Yee Pang born October 24, 1950 in New York.
She was a song-plugger before she worked as
a receptionist for Allen Klein’s ABKCO.

Klein asked Pang to recruit 365 pairs of bare legs
for Lennon’s and Ono’s film Up Your Legs Forever in 1970.

Subsequently she became John and Yoko’s personal secretary annex gofer.

Summer 1973 Ono saw Lennon dating other women,
she suggested to Pang to be the other woman.
Hesitating, Pang eventually went with Lennon to L.A.
After an aborted collaboration with Phil Spector,
they rented a place in Santa Monica, to live with
Harry Nilsson, Hillary Gerard, Klaus Voorman,
Cynthia Webb, Ringo Starr and Keith Moon.
Working on Harry Nilsson album Pussy Cats.

May brought Julian and his father together again.

Surprise, Surprise (Sweet Bird Of Paradox)
is about May Pang.
“She makes me sweat and forget who I am
I need, need, need, need her “.

The 18-month relationship became known as
“The Lost Weekend” a reference to the film and book.
In August 1974 they lived in London and John, naked
on the terrace called May to join him cause he was seeing a UFO.

In February 1975 Lennon reconciled with Ono.

May Pang wrote two books:
Loving John: The Untold Story
Instamatic Karma.

Nowadays May Pang is living in upstate New York
with her two children from Tony Visconti and
has a line of Feng Shui jewelry.

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  1. oh Dog! I’d forgotten about her. What a strange trip that must have been!

  2. she was a hot young thing.. wow

  3. They didn’t live in London. They saw the UFO in New York.

  4. worst lennon song-well… one of the worst

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