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Bianca Jagger

December 8, 2011

Born Bianca Pérez-Mora Macias, May 2, 1945 in Managua, Nicaragua.

Bianca studied political studies in France
and became involved with actor Michael Caine.

Also in France she met Mick Jagger at a party
after a Rolling Stones concert, and four months
pregnant she married him in 1971 in Saint-Tropez.

Bianca and daughter Jade Jagger.

After her divorce from Mick Jagger, Bianca spent most of her time
in Manhattan, where Andy Warhol sometimes was Jade’s baby-sit.

Roy Halston, Bianca Jagger, Jack Haley Jr. Liza Minelli, Michael Jackson.
Besides political activism and charity activities,
Bianca was also a jet-set party goer.
Famous was her birthday party at Studio 54.

John Lennon, Bianca Jagger and May Pang.

Bianca Jagger and David Bowie.
More Bianca Jagger Pictures

Bianca Jagger and Björn Borg.

Bob Colacello and Bianca Jagger.

Iggy Pop and Bianca Jagger.

Bianca Jagger, Mikhail Barysnikov, Mick Jagger, Alana Hamilton.

Bianca Jagger, political more active then ever.

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  1. Oh my gosh, your blog and photos are amazing. Totally fascinated with the groupie lifestyle of days gone by and am amazed so many of them live to tell their tale. Currently reading Pamela De Barres, ‘Lets Spend the night together’, captivating, can’t put it down. Thanks for the pics-love.x

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