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Laura Prepon

March 1, 2012

That 70’s Show episode Backstage Pass where Donna (Laura Prepon) gets to meet
Ted Nugent backstage. “You wanna stick around? I let you touch the guitar.”
“Really … all right … what … you mean your guitar … guitar”

Eric read in Donna’s journal that she wished he would look like Stephen Tyler.
So he dresses up like Steven Tyler and kicks in her door.

Youtube fragment

Episode where they go to a Kiss concert
and Fez is backstage with some Kiss groupies.

Donna leaves with Kiss in a car.

Kiss Rock and Roll All Night episode

Donna and Alice Cooper.
Season 3 – Episode 14: Radio Daze

In real life Laura Prepon was dating a rock star:
Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Anthony Kiedis.

The Who’s Roger Daltrey appeared in season 4 episode 24

In the pilot episode they are going to a Todd Rundgren concert.
During the credits they are singing along to “Hello It’s Me” in the Vista Cruiser.

The first season opened with a cover version of the Alex Chilton song
“In the Street”, sung by Todd Griffin.

From the second season on the song was performed by Cheap Trick.

Beginning with season 5, each episode in the season is named after a song
by a rock band that was famous in the ’70s: Led Zeppelin (season 5),
The Who (Season 6), The Rolling Stones (season 7), and Queen (season 8).

There are two soundtrack albums.

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