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Cleo Odzer

April 10, 2012

Born as Sheila Lynne Odzer April 6, 1950.
Smoked and sat with groups when she was fifteen
in a Manhattan discotheque called The Cheetah …
“Every two weeks there was a new band, and every
two weeks I had a new boyfriend”.
She says in an interview with Marcus Robbin
in Goa, India (January 2000).
At seventeen she was going to a club called The Scene.
The first hang out in New York for British bands
like The Cream, Deep Purple, she also mentions Terry Reid
(Reed in that interview).

There she fell in love with Keith Emerson from
The Nice (later Emerson, Lake and Palmer).

Cleo had a column in a village newspaper called The Downtown.
Was on David Susskind’s show as a groupie.
And was called Super Groupie Cleo in Time Magazine.
Although she claims that with her photo, quotes have
been published of another Cleo …
As Keith learned about the article, he ended the relation.

From then on Cleo was going to be a super groupie.

She recorded an album called The Groupies.
The first on-the-scene recorded documentary
study of the groupie phenomenon, as revealed
by the girls themselves (1969).
The other girl is Cleo’s friend Cookie Davidson,
with whom she went to explore the west coast groupie scene as well.
To be listened at here

In the seventies she went to Goa, India.
That formed the basis of her book: Goa Freaks. My hippie years in India.

Cleo Odzer with Bhagwan and becoming Ma Prem Madhumaya.

In the eighties she obtained a Ph.D. in anthropology
with a thesis on prostitution in Thailand.

A third book was: Virtual Spaces: Sex and the Cyber Citizen.

In 1999 Cleo returned to Goa,
and died there in 2001.
Marcus Robbin made a documentary in 2002 The Last Hippie Standing,
using Cleo Odzer’s old super-8 footage.

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