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Shannon “Savannah” Wilsey

January 1, 2013

Born in Laguna Beach California, 9 October 1979
as Shannon Michelle Wilsey.

At the age of sixteen Shannon fell in love with Gregg Allman,
lived for two years with him and had a miscarriage.
Later she moved in with Billy Sheehan of Mr. Big.

savannah shannon wilsey 2
Under stage name Savannah she became an actress in pornographic videos,
but most of the money she earned went into cocaine and heroine.

Her next love was Vince Neil, lead singer of Mötley Crüe.
Who explains how he dumped her in this video.

Jeanna Fine
She also had a lesbian relation with porn actress Jeanne Fine

In this video she talks about threesomes.

savannah shannon wilsey slash 2
Shannon and Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash.

Shannon died July 11, 1994 in hospital after she shot herself
several times in the head, having broken her nose in a car accident.

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One Comment
  1. In May 2012 Gregg Allman (64) announced his engagement with a new Shannon.
    Shannon Williams (24). She is gonna be his 7th Mrs. Allman

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