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Rocket Queen

February 2, 2013

Rocket Queen was inspired by Barbi von Greif,
who wanted to have a band called Rocket Queen.

rocket queen motor cycle
She said her sister had Japanese motorcycle called Rocket Queen.
Had she? They were very rare.

barbi von grief
It is said Barbi von Greif was 18 years old when she
became involved with Axl Rose, Guns N’ Roses frontman.
Information on the internet about Guns N’ Roses girls
is really confusing. Sometimes her name is Barbie,
and von Grief (Wikipedia first spells Greif then Grief)

axltattoo monique lewis
Several sites (whodateswho) name her Monique Lewis (the girl tattoo on Axl’s arm). Or is Monique Lewis an alias, because when Barbi met the band she was way younger than 18? I don’t know.
According to Tracii Guns in Rolling Stone, Monique Lewis
dated every member of the first line-up of Guns N’ Roses. has 9 more pictures with both names

adriana smith
Adriana Smith, had stripper friends in The Seventh Veil on Sunset Boulevard.

adriana smith steven adler
Adriana and Steven Adler.
A stripper from the Veil, Adriana Barbour had a crush
on Duff McKagan, and Smith landed on drummer Steven Adler.

adriana smith axl rose
Adriana was responsible for the moaning in the song.
She was having sex with Axl in the sound booth.
The assistant had to record it, because the sound
engineer refused.

slash adriana axl cameron
Slash, Adriana, Axl and Cameron.

adriana smith slash axl
Adriana, Slash and Axl.

Both Adriana and Barbi had a musical career.

Barbi worked with Hardly Dangerous and Bellylove.
In this video she is the singer with Lisa Black of Bellylove on guitar.

Adriana in Adriana and Ghost in the Graveyard.

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