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Kim Kerrigan

October 27, 2013

Born as Maryse Elizabeth Patricia Kerrigan on December 30, 1948.
Known as Patsy but changed her name to Kim, when she took up
a modelling career after having been a hairdresser.
She looked a bit like Patty Boyd and was asked to change her name.

Kim saw The Who in Bournemouth in the Disc A Go Go.

And aged 16 started dating Keith Moon in 1965.

Got pregnant and married him March 17, 1966.

Daughter Mandy was born July 12, 1966.

Kim and Keith Moon, Patty Boyd, Simon and Marijke, Charlotte Martin.
At the performance of All You Need Is Love. The Beatles contribution
to the Our World satellite worldwide broadcast.

In 1973 Kim left Keith Moon.

And later went to live with Ian McLagan,
the keyboard player of The Small Faces and The Faces.

Kim and Mandy in 1980, two years after Keith’s death.

Kim McLagan died on 2 August 2006 in a traffic accident
in Travis County, Texas, aged 57.

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