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Gloria Stavers

December 25, 2013

Born as Gloria Frances Gurganus in Wilmington October 3, 1927.
Had a career as a model, had been married with Frank Staveridis.
In the late fifties she became Georgia Winters, the fictional
editor of Jacques Chambrun’s magazine “16” Did most of the
interviews and the photo’s.

“16” was very popular, didn’t seek controversy and varied from
Donny Osmond to Alice Cooper.

Does a groupie have to be younger than the musician …
Dion DiMucci about Gloria Stavers:

“I loved Gloria, she was wild. I was from the Bronx,
and she was a whole different breed of woman.
I got a kick out of the way she was so different.

I was 19 and she was 32, and we both discovered
Lenny Bruce together. She was interviewing me for
the magazine, and she told me that I couldn’t tell
people I was taking drugs, or about any serious
problems I had. She told me to smile, put down
the cigarette, and don’t threaten anyone.

From the Danny Fields interview with Dion DiMucci for
Who’s Your Fave Rave, the book he wrote together with
Randi Reisfeld about the magazine “16”
Whole interview on

The song Dion wrote about Gloria.

davy-jones-gloria stavers
The Monkees’ Davy Jones was in the teen pop star category.

Elvis above categories.

There was Bob Dylan

Mickey Mantle

Richard Chamberlain

And of course Jim Morrison

In the film The Idolmaker the character Ellen Fields
played by Maureen McCormick (Marcia Brady)
is said to be based on Gloria Stavers.

She died on April 1, 1983 in New York City from lung cancer at age 56.

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