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Penny Lane

February 6, 2014

Kate Hudson

In my post on February 3, 2008 about the film Almost Famous,
I wrote that the character Penny Lane played by Kate
Hudson was reputedly based on Pamela Des Barres.
She wasn’t the only one. There are other contenders.
Director Cameron Crowe admits in an interview
(Talk magazine – Special Collector’s Issue – March,
2001) that also Bebe Buell was an inspiration:

“In the screenplay version, there’s a longer speech
that Kate Hudson gave that I must say is a tribute to
Bebe. It’s about how she first went to a concert and
almost got crushed but was saved and pulled up on
stage. The idea was Kate was saved and pulled
backstage. They gave her a Coke and a lemon,
and she never went home.”

Bebe Buell and Steven Tyler

Pennie Trumbull

An article in the Oregon Music News,September 7, 2012,
writes that the main inspiration was to be found
in the Portland music scene. Five girls who became
known as The Flying Garter Girls. Their names:
Marvelous Meg, Sexy Sandy, the Real Camille,
Miss Julia and Pennie Lane. And Pennie Lane is
the 1954 born Pennie Trumbull.
She even has a website called:The Real Story

Christine Boris

John Petkovic (the story originally appeared in
The Plain Dealer) takes us to Cleveland, moreover
to Swingos, Jim Swingos’ Rock Hotel. And comes up
with Christine Boris, a fixture at the hotel during
most of its heyday. She partied with dozens of bands
and accompanied Led Zeppelin on two national tours.
“But I wasn’t a groupie,” Boris said. “My job was to
accompany Jimmy Page on tour to protect him from
himself. We all partied together, but I still had
my own room. They didn’t want just a groupie.”
Swingos Hotel appears in a scene in Almost Famous.

Jim Swingos and Frank Sinatra

Ps. There is another film with a Penny Lane,
played by Jane Birkin, called Wonderwall.
See my post on July 14, 2010 on Suki Potier

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