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June Child

October 26, 2014

June Ellen Child was born August 23rd 1943 in London.
Here she is in Hyde Park, 1971. A King Crimson concert.

June Child, Rick Wright, Syd Barrett and Peter Jenner.
June started working for the Pink Floyd management Blackhill Enterprises.
One of her flatmates was Peter Jenner.
And by 1967 she was dating Syd Barrett.
But Syd took lots of LSD en left Pink Floyd April 6th, 1968.
And eventually June had enough too.

marc-bolan-june child
And June ended up with another problem child. Marc Bolan.
She had to read him Lord of the Rings because he was dyslexic.
Marc couldn’t drive a car, so besides his lover, mother, she was his driver.



June played a nun in Ringo Starr’s Born to boogie 1972.

Marc Bolan, June Child and Alice Ormsby-Gore.

Sue Worth, Mickey Finn, June Child, Marc Bolan, Jeff Dexter and Alice Ormsby-Gore.
June and Marc married January 13th 1970.
And they split October 1973.

Arrow’s drummer Paul Varley was her next man.
Daughter Ilona was born in 1977.
Paul Varley died in 2008.
Syd Barrett died in 2006.
Marc Bolan died in 1977.
June Child died September 1st 1994
of a heart attack while on holiday in Turkey.

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  1. Thanks so much for including lovely June at your blog!! xoxo

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