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Alice Ormsby-Gore

November 16, 2014

Alice Ormsby-Gore(front row left) was born April 22th 1952.
Her father was ambassador to the United States in the early sixties.

In London Alice joined the hippies community in Chelsea.

Her older sister Jane ran with Michael Rainey the fashion boutique Hung On You.
Jane is besides others (Chrissie Shrimpton) mentioned
as inspiration for the Rolling Stones song Lady Jane.

The iconic hippie girl photo.

Julian Ormsby-Gore, David Mlinaric and Victoria Ormsby-Gore

Through interior designer David Mlinaric who was working
on Clapton’s house, Alice met Eric Clapton in 1968.
They both got hooked on heroin.
The relation lasted five years.

Alice died of an overdose in Bournemouth April 17th 1995.
Julian shot himself in 1974
Her father David got killed in a car accident in 1985.

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