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Who was Freda Kelly’s Moody Blue?

February 28, 2015

For 11 years Freda Kelly was the secretary of the Beatles and ran their fan club.

In the documentary Good Ol’ Freda, she says that she never had a relation with one of the Beatles.

Ringo (Ritchie as she calls him) and Freda and Maureen Cox.
George and Freda.
Paul and Freda.
John and Freda.
With Harry and Louise Harrison.
With Harry Graves and Elsie Starkey.

Freda was close with George and Ringo’s parents and collected parts of old
shirts the Beatles wore and send them to fans.

John Lennon almost got her fired because Freda was dating one of the Moody Blues
and spent too much time in the Moody’s dressing room on a shared gig.

But who was it?

Was it Denny Laine?

Next to whom Freda sits here at the NYC Fest for Beatles fans at the Grand Hyatt
in Manhattan on Saturday, February 8, 2014.

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