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Gail Zappa

October 8, 2015

1982 interview in Venice Italy.

Gail Zappa was born Adelaide Gail Sloatman January 1, 1945.
She grew up in California as a daughter of a father working in the defense industry.
Just like Frank Zappa’s and Jim Morrison’s father.
Frank joked that Gail had hit Jim Morrison on the head with a hammer in kindergarten.
Gail made a single with Kim Fowley in 1966.
That year she also worked at the Whisky a GoGo at Sunset Strip.
That’s where she met Frank Zappa. They married in 1967.

1972 Burnley England.

Frank, Moon Unit, Gail, Ahmet and Dweezil.
Christine Frka from the GTO’s was Dweezil’s and Moon Unit’s nanny.

Diva Muffin was born 1979.

Gail Zappa died October 7, 2015.

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