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Devon Wilson

July 24, 2016

Devon Wilson photo Baron Wolman.

Jimi Hendrix and Devon Wilson.

Baron Wolman left Rolling Stone for Rags.
And in Rags issue 1 June 1970 was an interview with Devon Wilson
by Daphne Davis. Here is the story where Devon,
living with Jimi Hendrix walks off with Mick Jagger,
and saying she had been with Brian Jones earlier.

She also states that the Stones’ Stray Cat Blues
was about a certain young groupie.
“I can see that you’re fifteen years old
No I don’t want your I.D.
And I can see that you’re so far from home
But it’s no hanging matter
It’s no capital crime”.

It is said that Jimi’s song Dolly Dagger was about Devon
with a hint to Mick.
“Dolly Dagger
She drinks the blood from a jagged edge
Ah, drink up baby
Been ridin’ broomsticks since she was fifteen
Blow out all the other witches on the scene”
And Mick responded with: You Can’t Always Get What You Want.

Devon Wilson, Agneta Frieberg and Jimi Hendrix
Billy Cox, Colette Mimram, Jimi Hendrix, Devon Wilson and Mitch Mitchell

Betty Davis, Miles Davis and Devon Wilson
at Jimi Hendrix’ funeral October 1, 1970.
Devon Wilson died six months later on a heroine overdose.

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  1. Poignant that in this case “heroine overdose” isn’t just a misspelling.

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