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Heather Taylor

November 27, 2016

Heather Theresa Taylor was born in June 1947 in London,
but soon moved with her family tot Connecticut.

Heather met Davy Jones of the Monkees when her brother was in the musical Oliver!
on Broadway and Davy was the Artful Dodger.
“We had a little romance and we were crazy about each other, although it was
quite comical as he was 5 ft 1 and I’m 6 ft. I even ran his fan club, opening
all these letters from adoring girls.”

Heather took up modelling and ended on the Peter and Gordon album.

During Murray the K fifth dimension show in March 1967 she met
Roger Daltrey of the Who. She was modeling on the same show.

Heather and Roger married in 1971.

They have three children: Rosie, Willow and Jamie.

Heather and Keith Moon.

Roger, Heather, Linda and Paul 1976.

In the eighties.

With Catherine James

Heather and Jeremy Clarkson.

No pictures of her and Davy Jones, Gordon Waller, Jimi Hendrix,
Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck.

Heather Taylor has her own website.

As far as if she was the inspiration for Foxy Lady there’s only
Hendrix biographer Harry Shapiro as I mentioned in the post
about the other candidate Lithofayne Pridgon.

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  1. Yay!! Thanks!!!

  2. I also heard Foxy Lady could be for Linda McCartney.

  3. Were there groupies for comediens in the 1970s?

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