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Groupie Bang Bang

December 30, 2016

Freak Out 1966… with Bob Dylan’s Blonde on Blonde the first two double albums.
The Mothers were originally a band called The Soul Giants, which as soon as
they asked Frank Zappa, were taken over by Frank. They quitted the singer
Alice Stewart. So that left Ray Collins, Roy Estrada, Jimmy Carl Black,
Elliot Ingber and Frank Zappa. The record company MGM didn’t like the name
and suggested The Mothers Auxiliary. Frank came up with the name
The Mothers of Invention.

The song ‘Groupie Bang Bang’ didn’t land on the album.
Was it because of the lyrics?

Byrds and Stones dig the way she dance
And ev’ry damn one gets in her pants
Paul McCartney and Ringo too
Say she balls better than Epstein do

Took her home with me last night
Tore off the clothes and turned down the light
Had her boogie on my lap
Four days later I had the clap

Anyway … eventually it ended up on The MOFO Project/Object (Deluxe Edition)

Left to right: Jimmy Carl Black, Frank Zappa, Ray Collins (hanging), Elliot Ingber,
Carl Franzoni, some nice girls and Roy Estrada.
Franzoni was a dancer in Vito Paulekas’ group.
The girl in the back might be Pamela Zarubica

Ken Patterson and Vito’s Dancers with The Fraternity Fraturnity of Man

The description says some Paul Butterfield stuff
but the music is Electric Flag’s Freak Out.

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