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  1. guitaplaya45 permalink

    Is there an application I can leave for my future groupies at this site by any chance?

  2. susandoran permalink

    hi – Linda Keith wasn’t a groupie…she was Keith Richard’s girlfriend of 3 years.

  3. marcosqf permalink

    Me gustas 🙂

  4. I’d like to report you an Italian groupie from the ’90s, now rock journalist. Her name is Eleonora Bagarotti end she was involved with Pete Townshend and Elvis Costello. You can find news and pictures at this site:

  5. I love your blog big time and wanted to let you know your posts have been a huge inspiration for my new rock & roll cabaret about the lives and lovers of iconic ladies and groupies in the 60s/70s rock scene. I’m a bit of a sucker for musicians myself and so will weave in my own tragic rock & roll romances (because mine are always tragic!).

    I made a cool little vid for the show, in typical groupie-gal fashion, and went out to the streets of Sydney, Aus to ask for money for my “Mick Jagger” fund. Check out my cheeky video here:

    It’s going to be such a great show, all the info is on the site at

    If you or anyone you know would like to support young artists and musicians and might be interested in sponsoring the show, I’d love it if you could spread the word! I know it’s a long shot, but I thought if anyone would appreciate the show, it’s you!

    If we bring the show overseas, hopefully you’ll be able to see it one day!

    Ash X

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