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Heather Taylor

Heather Theresa Taylor was born in June 1947 in London,
but soon moved with her family tot Connecticut.

Heather met Davy Jones of the Monkees when her brother was in the musical Oliver!
on Broadway and Davy was the Artful Dodger.
“We had a little romance and we were crazy about each other, although it was
quite comical as he was 5 ft 1 and I’m 6 ft. I even ran his fan club, opening
all these letters from adoring girls.”

Heather took up modelling and ended on the Peter and Gordon album.

During Murray the K fifth dimension show in March 1967 she met
Roger Daltrey of the Who. She was modeling on the same show.

Heather and Roger married in 1971.

They have three children: Rosie, Willow and Jamie.

Heather and Keith Moon.

Roger, Heather, Linda and Paul 1976.

In the eighties.

With Catherine James

Heather and Jeremy Clarkson.

No pictures of her and Davy Jones, Gordon Waller, Jimi Hendrix,
Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck.

Heather Taylor has her own website.

As far as if she was the inspiration for Foxy Lady there’s only
Hendrix biographer Harry Shapiro as I mentioned in the post
about the other candidate Lithofayne Pridgon.

Lithofayne Pridgon

Lithofayne Pridgon was born in 1940 in Moultrie, Georgia.

In 1955 Lithofayne met Little Willie John in the Roseland Ballroom
in Holy Oak, Massachusetts.
“My mama was going with the band leader, so that’s how I met Willie.
My first kiss and everything.”
Interview Chris Campion
There is another interview Gallery Magazine September 1982

“Seduced by Sam Cooke at only 16.”

“a roll call that includes Jackie Wilson, Marvin Gaye,
Sly Stone, Ike Turner and James Brown.”

She was also Etta James’s best friend.

“When she ran into Hendrix in 1963, at the stage door of the Apollo, she had come to see Cooke, who was performing there.”

Lithofayne or Faye as she was called on the inside sleeve of Electric Ladyland (1968)…

… picture taken at about the same time (same hat).

Faye and Jimi at Wells Chicken and Waffles in Harlem
with Albert and Arthur Allen.

In the 1973 Joe Boyd documentary.

Is Foxy Lady about Faye?
Campion says: yes
Faye: “He used to call every pet we had ‘Foxy’ …
later on … a poodle; he named that Foxy, too”
Hendrix biographer Harry Shapiro suggests that song’s lyrics were inspired by Heather Taylor, who later married Roger Daltrey of the Who.

And on this channel you can hear Faye singing the blues.

Betty Mabry Davis

Betty Mabry was born in Durham 1945 and moved to New York when she was 16
to live with her aunt and to study at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

In the early sixties Betty was writing songs, was a DJ at the Cellar in
Greenwich Village, and appeared in magazines as Ebony, Seventeen and Glamour.

Together with Roy Arlington she was duo Betty and Roy and recorded I’ll Be There.
Betty had a couple of singles out, called The Cellar and Get Ready For Betty.
Wrote a song called Uptown in Harlem for the Chambers Brothers.

Hugh Masekela
Through her boyfriend Hugh Masekela she signed with Columbia records
and released a single called Live, Love, Learn.

In 1967 she met Miles Davis and married him in 1968.
Photo Baron Wolman.

But in 1989 Betty had divorced Miles because he suspected infidelity
with Jimi Hendrix, which she denied.

Baron Wolman had moved from Rolling Stone to Rags and
Betty appeared in issue 2 1970.

Betty moved to London in 1971 and had her first album
out in 1973 called Betty Davis.

In an interview Betty stated that the song
Steppin in her I Miller shoes was about the life of Devon Wilson.

If I’m In Love I might Get Picked Up.
The words speak for itself.

According to Dazed in 1975, Davis’s then lover, Robert Palmer, helped her facilitate a deal with Island Records and released Nasty Gal.

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